Food & drinks


Culture & comfort


At the Hotel Ramoverde we explore typical

piedmonte dishes, our meals are served in

the warm atmosphere of the restaurant which

is always decorated with fresh flowers.

Our rich breakfast buffet (sweet and salty)

The main philsophy of hotel Ramoverde is to explore the food and drink of the Piemonte cuisine with the typcal "Tapulone", "Paniscia", "mocetta d'asino"

Our cheese and pork along with our sweed tagged "Brutti ma Buoni", "Ossa da modere", the biscuits of the grandfather Alessandro are all served with our exceptional l wine

Hotel Ramovede snc di Tabarini Carlo e C. via Matteotti, 1 - 28021 Borgomanero (NO) Italia   P.IVA e CF 01887830030

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