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Hotel Ramoverde and the Tabarini family: together for over 100 years.

Why hotel RAMOVERDE?

The tradition was bon in Borgomanero in the XIX century, it became fully operational in the same house where good quakity wine from the nearby hillswere sold. Local dishes were often served alongside these quality wine. Hospitality fot he night where requested was also provided. The signboard next to the Ramoverde with the writings ALBERGO just outside the block of flats on n. 82 corso Garibaldi, marks the begining of our story.




The city of BORGOMANERO on the Novarese plain explore and fully utities the scenary dominant in the region, from the chain of Alps to the Mountain Rosa. Its vantage position allows to access the various zon s such as: the Lkes, the Natural Parks, the peak of Mottarone, Novara and its characteristic features such as its hills. Its location also motivates various sportin activities such as cycling, motor racing, skiing, acquatic sports, trekkin, climbing, golf, birdwatching and equitation.

At Hotel Ramoverde, contact with nature and enviroment is felt immediately one enters the hotel and at the reception we readly supply our guest with useful information to the various nearby tourist attractions.

The garden is also ideal leasure and relaxation whenever the desire to read a book and relish a glass of good wine or a cup of aromatictissane comes up



A return to Nature, the Territory, Art and Culture help our gests to relax. In addition guests can also rest our big beautiful garden, built along the Agogna steam and other indispensable necessities like: very good reading in the ompany of various lovely birds ever present in the very desirable space in the green

We trasmit love for the enviroment and its fruits...........thie is the motto of the hotel Ramovede: Borgomanero and the Novaresi hills and its consumer products, her history and culture which we deeply love is the most important message which we reccomend to our guests. Our aim is to educate them on historical discoveries in relations to our origin and welbeing.

Hotel Ramovede snc di Tabarini Carlo e C. via Matteotti, 1 - 28021 Borgomanero (NO) Italia   P.IVA e CF 01887830030

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